Researched and written by Christopher John Hogger

In November 1938 seven people – the Playing Fields Trustees – found themselves holding in trust a huge area of land – 31.548 acres, as then measured – in the heart of Effingham, under the expectation that the land would be transformed into suitable playing fields and a village hall. The covenant in the Conveyance allowed no other use of the land. They had worked for some years to get into this position and the story of how they did so is outlined on the KGV Fields Purchase page.

Although they had acted as the purchasing Trustees in order that the land from the Pauling estate could be acquired and safeguarded for these recreational and social purposes, they had not assumed that it would then fall to them personally to develop those facilities, still less to maintain them thereafter. Instead, they anticipated that the land would soon be transferred to an enduring corporate body which would hold the land in trust, while a locally chosen Committee of Management would separately take on the practicalities. Achieving this second phase would turn out to be another stony road, as told below.

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