Ordinary Meetings

As remarked on the Home page, we hold an Ordinary Meeting once each month (except in August), presenting and discussing items set out on a pre-circulated Agenda. Normally each such meeting is held on the second Monday of the month and starts at 7.30 pm.

The Agendas are very varied. A typical meeting begins – after making any new introductions that may be required – with a short session in which members report interesting new discoveries or lines of research, or raise queries on subjects of interest to them or announce details of history-related happenings elsewhere.

This is followed by several longer items, usually taking the form of presentations – by our own members or by invited speakers – supported by audio-visual aids. Sometimes we have instead just held a film evening, showing one or two substantial films. The December (‘Christmas’) meetings include quizzes and humorous items of a seasonal nature.

All meetings have a leisurely break for refreshments. This break also provides an opportunity to peruse newly-found historical documents or objects which members have brought along to show.

No Minutes are taken of these Ordinary Meetings.

The presentations in these meetings were for the benefit only of the members attending at the time and were not set down in written form, so please do not write to us requesting transcriptions – there are none to be had.

Agendas of Past Ordinary Meetings (note – transcriptions of the talks do not exist):

Annual General Meetings

The first AGM was held in October 2011 but AGMs since then have been held in May. They take place at a venue different from that used for the Ordinary Meetings. In recent years we have been fortunate to enjoy the hospitality of the Drift Golf Club for our AGMs.

The Agendas for AGMs follow a standard format: elections of honorary posts; confirmation of the Minutes of the previous AGM; reports by the elected Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; setting of the membership fee; debating of questions and issues; and the setting of meeting dates for the forthcoming year.

Normally, the Ordinary Meeting for May follows directly after the AGM, at the same venue.

Minutes are taken of the AGMs and are circulated by the Secretary.

Agendas, Reports and Minutes of past AGMs (viewable by members only):


The two photographs below were taken during the first AGM in 2011 which, exceptionally, was staged just before the opening of the Group’s first major and very successful exhibition “Effingham in Wartime”.