Researched and written by Jeremy Palmer

This article describes the extraordinary innovation undertaken by electronics engineer John Adolph Sargrove who, not long afterthe Second World War, set up in Effingham’s old village hall an automated plant for assembling simple radios.

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Supplements to the Article

Three movies about John Sargrove are presented here. The first is a very short introduction by Pathé. The second is longer and more detailed – note that only the first 1.30 minutes are silent, before the narrative begins; this one was probably shot in the Sargrove Electronics factory in Walton-on-Thames. The third is twice as long again with much technical detail.

“Robot Radios” – Pathé Film (1948), 1.44 minutes

“First Automatic Factory” – British Institution of Radio Engineers (1947), 16.20 minutes

“John Sargrove and his Marvellous ECME” – Robert Lozier film , duration 29.35 minutes