This page provides access to some of the material we hold relating to particular past events in Effingham. The focus here is mainly, but not exclusively, on key social occasions that took place in the heart of the village such as Village Days, Jubilees, openings of key facilities, major incidents and so on.

Commoners’ Days, which take place on the Common on the outlying part of the Parish, are described elsewhere, on the Commoners’ Days page. The Peace Celebrations of 1919 are also described elsewere, on the Wartime page.

Each event’s thumb in the matrix below is a link to the presented material.

Diamond Jubilee 1897
Coronation 1902
Coronation 1911
Silver Jubilee 1935
Coronation 1937
Seven Souls 1937
Victory Celebrations 1945
Coronation 1953
Have-a-Go! 1957
Benefit Match 1964
Benefit Match 1965
Almshouses Restored 1965
Village Day 1966
KGV Hall Opening 1966
Silver Jubilee 1977
Princess Anne 1977
Great Storm 1987
Armada Day 1988
Village Day 1991
Village Day 1993
Village Day 1995
Village Day 1996
Village Day 1997
Golden Jubilee 2002
Barnes Wallis Close Opening 2003
Village Day 2005
Village Day 2010
Village Day 2011
ELHG Exhibition 2011
Diamond Jubilee 2012
Village Day 2012
ELHG Exhibition 2020