Commoners’ Days have been held on Effingham Common for many decades. The earliest one of which we have any recorded images took place in 1980.  On these special days, persons having Commoners’ Rights openly exercised those rights, a custom encouraged by the Parish Council.

The subject of Commoners’ Days featured prominently in the earliest work undertaken by ELHG back in 2010, when much of our focus was on the history of the Common and the rights established upon it. Some of this work was displayed by ELHG at its stall in Effingham’s Summer Fete of 2010.

Effingham Common and the Commoners’ Rights

Here is a short article written by Susan W Morris explaining the Common’s special significance and its associated Commoners’ Rights, illustrated with a sketch map prepared by David Putland.

Commoners Days in the period 1980-96

This compilation by Christopher John Hogger includes photographs of some of the Commoners’ Days held during this period.

Commoners’ Days were also held on July 21st 2001 and August 24th 2002. We currently have no records of those events.

Commoners Days from 2010 onwards

More recent Commoners’ Days have been given a higher profile, offering a variety of displays and opportunities for public participation, typically attracting several hundred visitors. Details of these days can be separately viewed using the thumbs in the matrix below.

Commoners Day 2010
Commoners Day 2011
Commoners Day 2012
Commoners Day 2014
Commoners Day 2016
Commoners Day 2018