Researched and written by Christopher J. Hogger.

The Lambert family took up the tenancy of Effingham House in about 1884, and held it until at least 1913. The head of the family, Charles Edward Lambert, had six daughters and one son. He died in 1910. One of his daughters, Nina, lived in Effingham, at Yew Tree House, in the latter half of the 1930s.

The family developed their fortune through successive generations of tobacco manufacturing. The first of them known, so far, to have pursued this occupation was a mill-wright Allen Lambert whose origins are currently unknown. By the 1780s he was involved in several mills, including one in Hertfordshire and another – used for paper-making – at Carshalton in Surrey. In 1791 he was operating a snuff mill, ‘The Grove’, at Carshalton and later had sundry workshops downstream in Hackbridge. By then he had married a woman named Elizabeth. Their son Charles (I) Lambert was born on August 5th 1787 and baptised on September 2nd 1787 at Beddington, Surrey [IGI: Batch 7014816].

Charles (I) married Susan (née) Ashby on January 30th 1812 at St. George the Martyr, Southwark [IGI: Batch M022442]. She had been born on October 10th 1785 to parents John and Sarah Ashby and baptised (as “Suky Ashby”) on November 13th 1785 at Coulsdon, Surrey [IGI: Batch P013461].

Allen died in 1827/28, since his Will was made in 1827 and was proved in 1828 [National Archives: PROB 11/1736]. He left substantial properties and other estate to his wife Elizabeth and to his children. 

Charles (I) and Susan settled in Beddington where they produced at least seven children – Charles (II), William, Robert, Allen John, Susanna Sarah, Elizabeth Mary and John. At least three of the sons became, like their father, tobacco manufacturers but the most significant of these was Charles (II), baptised on February 12th 1814 at Beddington-with-Wallington [IGI: Batch C132711].


Charles (I) also ran snuff mills, but his were at Beddington, in Wandle Road opposite the junction with Bridges Lane. They presumably exploited the flow of the river Wandle to power the grinding of tobacco leaf into snuff and had previously been owned and operated for the same purpose by a Mr. Williamson. The image on the left shows the mills as seen from the north, the main building being in the background on the right-hand side. Another photo of them, shown below, was taken by Francis Frith in 1890, but apparently from a different viewpoint and possibly after the structure had burned down and been rebuilt (in 1891-92) in brick.

In 1834 Charles (II) entered into a business partnership with Charles Butler, the son baptised on February 1813 at St. Sepulchre, London of parents Daniel Butler and Sarah (née Kelsey) [IGI: Batch C025651]. By this partnership they established the firm ‘Lambert and Butler’ as cigar makers in Clerkenwell, trading from 38, St John Street. In 1836 they also opened premises in Drury Lane. The business grew steadily over the ensuing decades and established Charles (II)’s reputation in this period as the finest judge of cigar tobacco in London.

Right – the Snuff Mills on the Wandle at Beddington, in 1890.

The 1841 Census finds Charles (I) still at his mills in Beddington, whilst Charles (II) was living at his Clerkenwell premises:

1841 Census
Snuff Mills, Beddington, Surrey : PRO Ref: HO107 Piece 1079 Book 1 Folios 18-19 Pages 10-11

Charles [I] Lambert : 50 [rounded] : snuff m. [maker/manufacturer] : yes [born in Surrey]
Susan Lambert : 55 : — : yes
Robert Lambert : 20 : snuff m. : yes
Allen Lambert : 20 : tobacco m. : yes
Elizabeth King : 20 : female servant : no

1841 Census
St. John Street, St. James Clerkenwell , Middlesex : PRO Ref: HO107 Piece 661 Book 3 Folio 31 Page 13

Charles [II] Lambert : 25 : tobacconist : no [not born in Middlesex]
Elizabeth Juniper : 45 : female servant : no
Andrew Pead : 15 : male servant : no

In 1842 Charles (II) married to Ann (née) Brooker [GRO Ref: Croydon 4 47, 1842 (Q3)]. They married on or about (the register is unclear) August 10th at St. John the Baptist in Croydon [IGI: Batch M098651].

Later that year Charles (II)’s sister Susanna Sarah married his business partner Charles Butler [GRO Ref: Croydon 4 57, 1842 (Q4)]. They married on October 19th at the parish church of Beddington-with-Wallington [IGI: Batch M132711], where she had been baptised.

Later still that year Charles (I) died [GRO Ref: Croydon 4 68, 1842 (Q4)]. His Will, which he had made on November 25th, was proved on April 29th 1843. It made various provisions for his wife and children. 

Charles (II) and Ann settled at first in the Lambeth district where they registered their first three children: Charles Edward [GRO Ref: Lambeth 4 279, 1843 (Q2)], Allen Brooker [GRO Ref: Lambeth 4 295, 1844 (Q4)] and Louisa [GRO Ref: Lambeth 4 326, 1848 (Q1)]. They then produced two more children on the north (Middlesex) side of the Thames before returning to the south (Surrey) side to produce another four. In the later censuses the children’s birthplaces are generally entered as ‘Middlesex’.

Charles Edward was born on May 8th 1843. As an adult he would take over his father’s business and develop it to produce an immense family fortune.

The 1851 Census finds Charles (II) living with Ann in Russell Square, his mother Susan living with his married sister Susanna Sarah and Charles Edward already in a residential school in St. Pancras; Allen Brooker was with Ann’s parents John and Elizabeth Brooker at 59, High Street in Croydon.

Russell Square : drawing c.1850.

1851 Census
No. 1A, Russell Square, St. George Bloomsbury, Middlesex : PRO Ref: HO107 Piece 1507 Folio uncertain Page 1

Charles [II] Lambert : head : mar : 38 : snuff & tobacco manufacturer : Croydon, Surrey
Ann Lambert : wife : mar : 32 : — : Croydon, Surrey
Louisa Lambert : dau : unm : 3 : — : Bloomsbury, Middlesex [in error – Lambeth, Surrey]
Jessie Lambert : dau : unm : 1 : — : Bloomsbury, Middlesex
and 2 servants

1851 Census
No. 142, Drury Lane, St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex : PRO Ref: HO107 Piece 1508 Folio 247 Page 64

Chas. Butler : head : mar : 38 : tobacco manufacturer : St. Sepulchre, London
Susanna [Sarah] Butler : wife : mar : 28 : — : Beddington, Surrey
and their children and servants, together with:
Susan Lambert : mother-in-law : widow : 65 : — : Coulsdon, Surrey

1851 Census
Haverstock Hill, St. Pancras, Middlesex : PRO Ref: HO107 Piece 1498 Folio 444 Page 40

among numerous other scholars:
Charles [Edward] Lambert : visitor : unm : 8 : scholar : Middlesex [in error – Surrey]

The 1861 Census finds the family living in ‘The Elms’ in Bolingbroke Grove, Battersea parish, on the east boundary of Wandsworth Common. This house was one of several very substantial properties which collectively gave the road its earlier name ‘The Five Houses’; ‘The Elms’ and ‘Bolingbroke House’ were perhaps the grandest of them.

Looking north along Bolingbroke Grove : 19thC engraving.

1861 Census
‘The Elms’, Bolingbroke Grove, Battersea, Surrey: PRO Ref: RG9 Piece 371 Folio 56 Page 24

Charles [II] Lambert : head : mar : 48 : tobacco manufacturer : Wallington, Surrey
Anne Lambert : wife : mar : 42 : — : Croydon, Surrey
Charles E.[Edward] Lambert : son : unm : 17 : — : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
Allen B. [Brooker] Lambert : son : unm : 16 : scholar : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
Louisa Lambert : dau : unm : 13 : — : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
Jessie A. [Ann] Lambert : dau : unm : 11 : — : London, Middlesex
Ernest J. [John] Lambert : son : unm : 6 : — : London, Middlesex
Gertrude E. [Elizabeth] Lambert : dau : unm : 3 : — : Battersea, Surrey
and 5 servants

In 1869 Charles Edward married Emma Anne (née) Snow [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 637, 1869 (Q1)]. She had been born in Madras, India to parents Edward Winterton Snow and his wife Charlotte Amelia, and baptised there at Tamil Nadu on August 27th 1840 [IGI: Batch C000677]. The latter source – drawn from the parish register transcripts from the Presidency of Madras held by the Office of the Registrar General of India – gives her date of birth as August 19th 1840.

During the 1860s ‘Lambert and Butler’ had expanded rapidly under the partnership of Charles Edward and the son Charles junior of Charles Butler. By 1870 the total amount of capital invested in it had grown to £87,200, only a little less than that of its most serious rival ‘WD & HO Wills’.

The 1871 Census finds Charles Edward  living with Emma and their first child Hilda Emma C. at ‘The Elms’, and his grandmother Susan living in Croydon:

1871 Census
‘The Elms’, Bolingbroke Grove, Battersea, Surrey : PRO Ref: RG10 Piece 703 Folio 65 Page 13

Charles [II] Lambert : head : mar : 58 : tobacco manufacturer : Beddington, Surrey
Ann [sic] Lambert : wife : mar : 51 : — : Croydon, Surrey
C. E. [Charles Edward] Lambert : son : mar : 28 : tobacco manufacturer : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
Emma [Anne] Lambert : dau-in-law : mar : 32 : — : Madras, East Indies [India]
A. B. [Allen Brooker] Lambert : son : unm : 26 : common brewer : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
E. J. [Ernest John] Lambert : son : unm : 16 : student : London, Middlesex
G. E. [Gertrude Elizabeth] Lambert : dau : unm : 13 : — : Battersea, Surrey
E. P. [Edith Portia M.] Lambert : dau : unm : 9 : — : Battersea, Surrey
E. M. [sic] [Ethel Constance] Lambert : dau : unm : 7 : — : Battersea, Surrey
G. E. [Grace Eveline] Lambert : dau : unm : 6 : — : Battersea, Surrey
Hilda [Emma Charlotte] Lambert : grand-dau : unm : 1 : — : Streatham, Surrey
and 8 servants

1871 Census
No. 1, Montpelier Villa, Croydon, Surrey : PRO Ref: RG10 Piece 840 Folio 62 Page 19

Susan Lambert : head : widow : 85 : — : Coulsdon, Surrey
Amelia Wells : friend : unm : 36 : companion : Islington, Middlesex
and 1 servant

All seven children of Charles Edward and Emma were born during the 1870s, only one being a son:

Hilda Emma Charlotte [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 648, 1870 (Q1)]
Louisa [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 565, 1871 (Q3)]
Nina [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 606, 1873 (Q2)]
Jessie [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 700, 1874 (Q4)]
Annie [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 727, 1876 (Q1)]
Elsa [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 681, 1877 (Q2) – registered only as ‘female’]
Charles Edward Winterton [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 734a, 1878 (Q4)]

Some of the daughters later assumed, informally, second forenames.

In 1876 Charles Edward’s grandmother Susan died aged “90” [GRO Ref: Croydon 2a 142, 1876 (Q2)].

The 1881 Census finds both Charles Edward and his father Charles (II) living in Streatham:

1881 Census
‘Tenterden House’, Balham Road, Streatham, London  : PRO Ref: RG11 Piece 665 Folio 107 Page 3

Charles E.[Edward] Lambert : head : mar : 37 : tobacco merchant : London, Middlesex [in error – Surrey]
Emma A. Lambert : wife : mar : 40 : — : Madras, India
Hilda E. A.[sic – C.] Lambert : dau : unm : 11 : scholar : Balham, Surrey
Louisa Lambert : dau : unm : 9 : scholar : Balham, Surrey
Nina Lambert : dau : unm : 7 : scholar : Balham, Surrey
Jessie E. [Evelyn] Lambert : dau : unm : 6 : scholar : Balham, Surrey
Anne G. [Grace] Lambert : dau : unm : 5 : scholar : Tooting, Surrey
Elsa A. [Adria] Lambert : dau : unm : 4 : scholar : Tooting, Surrey
Charles E. [Edward (II)] Lambert : son : unm : 2 : — : Tooting, Surrey
and 9 servants

1881 Census
Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London  : PRO Ref: RG11 Piece 666 Folio 100 Page 24

Charles [II] Lambert : head : mar : 67 : tobacco manufacturer : Beddington, Surrey
Ann Lambert : wife : mar : 60 : — : Croydon, Surrey
Hilda E. A.[sic – C.] Lambert : dau : unm : 11 : scholar : Balham, Surrey
Allen B. Lambert : son : unm : 36 : sigar [sic – cigar] manufacturer : Stamford Street, Surrey
Ernest John Lambert : son : unm : 25 : sigar manufacturer : Russell Square, Middlesex
Edith Lambert : dau : unm : 19 : scholar : Wandsworth, Surrey
    [her birthplace is wrongly assigned to the person beneath her in the schedule]
and 6 servants

Although not named in the above census record, the house occupied by Charles (II) was actually ‘Oak Hill Place’, a very substantial property having its own separate gate lodge and stables. This same address was cited by his daughter Ethel ‘Constance’ when she married Frank Field on January 13th 1885 at Streatham Parish Church [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 720, 1885 (Q1)].

Charles (II) died at ‘Oak Hill Place’ in 1887 aged “73” [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 1d 493, 1887 (Q3)]. His Will was proved on November 7th 1887. The value of his personal estate appears to have been mis-reported initially as £55,832 4s. 9d., being resworn (to amend a single digit) in July 1888 as £75,832 4s. 9d. His entry in the National Probate Calendar reads as follows:

5 November. The Will with a Codicil of Charles Lambert late of Oak Hill Streatham in the County of Surrey and of 141 and 142 Drury Lane in the County of Middlesex Tobacco Manufacturer who died 1 September 1887 at Oak Hill was proved at the Principal Registry by Charles Edward Lambert of 141 and 142 Drury Lane Tobacco Manufacturer Allen Brooker Lambert and Ernest John Lambert both of St. John’s Factory Battersea in the County of Surrey Cigar Manufacturers the Sons and Charles Richard Cutler of 99 Newgate Street in the City of London Solicitor the Executors.

The 1891 Census finds the widow Ann of Charles (II) still living at ‘Oak Hill Place’, whilst her son Charles Edward had left Streatham and was now occupying Effingham (‘Manor’) House (today’s Golf Club house) where he had been living since about 1885:

1891 Census
Oakhill [sic] Place, Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London  : PRO Ref: RG12 Piece 458 Folio 50 Page 12

Ann Lambert : head : widow : 72 : living on her own means : Croydon, Surrey
Allen B. Lambert : son : unm : 47 : tobacco & cigar manufacturer : London S.E.
Edith Nell Lambert : dau : unm : 29 : — : Wandsworth Common, Surrey
Grace E. Lambert : dau : unm : 26 : — : Wandsworth Common, Surrey
and 2 grand-daughters and 6 servants

1891 Census
‘Manor House’, Effingham, Surrey  : PRO Ref: RG12 Piece 576 Folio 89 Page 5

Charles E.[Edward] Lambert : head : mar : 48 : tobacco merchant : Surrey
Emma Lambert : wife : mar : 50 : — : Madras [India]
Hilda E. C. Lambert : dau : unm : 21 : — : Surrey
Louisa Lambert : dau : unm : 19 : — : Surrey
Nina Lambert : dau : unm : 17 : — : Surrey
Jessie E. Lambert : dau : unm : 16 : — : Surrey
Anne G. Lambert : dau : unm : 15 : — : Surrey
Elsa A. Lambert : dau : unm : 14 : — : Surrey
Charles E. W. [Edward Winterton] Lambert : son : unm : 12 : — : Surrey
Maxwell Rose : nephew : unm : 20 : clerk : Surrey
and 11 servants

Elegant leisure in the grounds of Effingham House in 1895.

According to O’Connor’s The History of Effingham, Charles Edward had not purchased Effingham House but was holding it by tenancy. In this period the property was owned by the Parratt family. In 1881 it had been being occupied by a chemical manufacturer Thomas Farmer Hall and his family, with 10 servants, but by 1891 he had left Effingham.

An early gift to the village made by Charles Edward was the lectern in St. Lawrence Church [from O’Connor, ibid.].

Some insight into the family’s early years in Effingham can be gained from two albums of photographs which had belonged to the daughter Nina. They were passed to her financial agent and advisor Cecil Bramall Jones, the uncle of Antony D. Page, after her death. The larger and most important of the two – Album 1 with about 250 photographs spanning 1894-99 – was kindly donated by Antony to the Effingham Local History Group archives in 2010. Most of the images shown on this page are derived from that album.

High-resolution scans have been made of the entire contents of Album 1 and deposited in the archives. A selection of 40 images from it can be viewed at low resolution in a gallery further down this page.

Album 2, which remained in the possession of Antony, contains about 200 photographs. They are smaller and of poorer quality than those in the first album, and only a few are of Effingham interest. Inside the cover is written “Duchess” (Nina’s nickname) and “Started January 1902”. High-resolution scans have been made of 14 images from Album 2 and deposited in the archives.

The south-facing front of Effingham (Manor) House, in 1894.

Exterior and interior views of the Lambert Album 1.

Charles Edward Lambert (right-most) at Effingham House, in 1894.

Close-up from the above image.

It was in 1894, on December 4th, that the village’s first election of a Parish Council took place, in which Charles Edward was elected as vice-chairman.

Album 1 makes clear that Scotland, and especially Glen Isla, was the family’s favourite place for their trips away. Indeed most of the photographs pertain to such trips and only a minority show the family in Effingham. In many they are shown ensconced in rocky and heathery landscapes surrounded by servants and deer-hunting attendants with liberal provisions of luncheon hampers and wine bottles, or enjoying the grounds of the splendid country houses in which they were staying. Here is Charles Edward (at right) on one such occasion.

Whether out on the Scottish moors or enjoying afternoon teas in the gardens of Effingham House, all family members were always sumptuously attired, the ladies displaying highly elaborate hats. Here they are, at home, on one summer’s day in 1896: Charles Edward is at the centre with Emma on the right and his daughter Elsa sitting in front of him.

Soon afterwards they were back in Glen Isla where this picture of Emma was taken on September 9th 1896 …

… and here she is again with Charles Edward (on the left) in Glen Isla three years later, in 1899:

The family evidently arranged evenings of entertainment with a Scottish flavour, and made their own handwritten programmes for them. The daughters were all musical and they appear as the artistes in some of the pieces, as so also does a “Mr. W. Lambert”, namely, their brother Charles Edward Winterton. Below is an example of a programme for a Lambert musical soirée on October 6th 1899:

Two other programmes for 1897 and 1898 can be viewed here.

At the time of the 1901 Census the family was at 93, Eaton Square, an opulent residence in London’s Belgravia. This had probably been their principal residence for a long time, while using Effingham House – and perhaps other properties around the country – as a country retreat. They were paralleled in this by the family of the prominent sugar magnate Julius Caesar Czarnikow who at that time was living at 103, Eaton Square while also holding Effingham Hill House (today’s St. Teresa’s school). The two families must have known each other well.

1901 Census
No. 93, Eaton Square, St. George Hanover Square, London  : PRO Ref: RG13 Piece 84 Folio 92 Page 12

Charles E. [Edward] Lambert : head : mar : 67 : merchant (tobacco) : N.K. [not known], London
Emma A. Lambert : wife : mar : 60 : — : Madras [India], British Subject
Hilda E. L. [sic – C.] Lambert : dau : unm : 31 : — : Tooting, Surrey
Louisa Lambert : dau : unm : 29 : — : Tooting, Surrey
Nina Lambert : dau : unm : 27 : — : Tooting, Surrey
Jessie E. Lambert : dau : unm : 26 : — : Tooting, Surrey
Adria E.[Elsa] Lambert : dau : unm : 24 : — : Tooting, Surrey
and 16 servants

The servants comprised a butler, two footmen, a hall boy, housekeeper, cook, nurse, two lady’s maids and seven other assorted housemaids. By this time only one of the six Lambert daughters, Annie, had married. Meanwhile, Effingham House was in the care and occupancy of just two housemaids, who were then the sole occupants [PRO Ref: RG13 Piece 623 Folio 97 Page 4].

Eaton Square in Belgravia, present day.

Two fine portraints of Charles Edward and Emma Anne.

The previous year had seen the development of a ferocious trade conflict – to become known as the Tobacco Wars – fought by the American tycoon James B. (“Buck”) Duke, founder of the American Tobacco Company (ATC), against the UK manufacturers, some of whom he had tried to buy up. In defence against his predations, thirteen British companies met on September 19th in Birmingham at the Queen’s Hotel to form the Imperial Tobacco Company (ITC), in which Wills, now by far the largest of them, invested 7 million pounds, with the next largest ‘Lambert and Butler’ putting in three quarters of a million. Charles Edward would undoubtedly have attended, and likewise Walter Butler, another son of Charles (Snr.) Butler. The two giants ATC and ITC then competed frenetically, employing many marketing ruses involving free gifts, price manipulation and, especially, the extraordinarily lucrative promotion of collectable sets of cigarette cards.

By September 1902 ATC was wearying of the fight and a deal was struck between the parties as to their future spheres of influence and collaboration. Out of this agreement there emerged a new grouping, British-American Tobacco (BAT). ITC continued to operate as such and in 1903 its board set up an executive committee to manage the group; its six initial members included Charles Edward and Walter Butler.

On February 25th 1910 Charles Edward died aged “66” [GRO Ref: Bath 5c 386, 1910 (Q1)]; it is not yet known why he died in Somerset. The Straits Times newspaper [April 12th 1910 issue, page 8] published this announcement:

Mr. Charles Edward Lambert, late of the Manor House, Effingham, a member of the firm of Lambert and Butler, and director of the Imperial Tobacco Company left £659,193.

In today’s terms that amount was worth about £58 million. He was buried in the churchyard of St. Lawrence, Effingham next to the east wall of the church, his grave marked by a tall and elaborately ornamented cross.

Two newspaper obituaries for him can be viewed here.
Both of them claim mistakenly that he had five daughters, rather than six.

The 1911 Census finds his widow Emma living or staying with her now-married daughter Louisa in Bournemouth, although Louisa’s husband John Henry Pease was not present. Meanwhile, Effingham House was occupied by Elsa, still unmarried, with 12 servants none of whom had been with the family in 1901 and none of whom was Effingham born:

1911 Census
No. 25, Bath Road, Bournemouth, Dorset : PRO Ref: RG14 Piece 5844 Schedule 114

Louisa Pease : head : mar : 39 : private means : Bedford Hill, Surrey
Rachel Pease : dau : unm : 4 : — : Piercebridge, Co. Durham
John Charles Gurney Pease : son : unm : 1 : — : Piercebridge, Co. Durham
Emma Ann [sic] Lambert : mother : widow : 70 : private means : Madras, India Resident
and 4 servants

1911 Census
Manor House, Effingham , Surrey : PRO Ref: RG14 Piece 3193 Schedule 35

Adria Elsa Lambert : daughter [sic – head] : unm : 34 : independent means : Upper Tooting, Surrey
and 12 servants

The 1913 edition of Kelly’s Directory of Surrey listed “Mrs. Lambert, The Manor House” among Effingham’s private residents, perhaps implying that Emma had returned to Effingham House.

On February 2nd 1917 Emma died aged “76” in London, possibly in the Eaton Square home [GRO Ref: St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 700, 1917 (Q1)]. She was buried with her husband at St. Lawrence. Her inscription gives her birthdate as June 19th 1840, in conflict with the “August 19th” in the IGI’s rendition of her baptism record.

The Lambert family grave at St. Lawrence, Effingham.

[east face of pedestal]

In Loving Memory
Charles Edward Lambert
Born 8th May 1843. Died 25th February 1910.
Also of
Emma Anne
– His Beloved Wife –
Born 19th June 1940. Died 2nd February 1917.
“Death is Swallowed up in Victory”

[south face of pedestal]

Hilda Emma Charlotte
their eldest daughter
and wife of
Maxwell Rose
of West Horsley

Born 25th Feby. 1870.
Died 21st Jany. 1922.

[north face of pedestal]

Charles Edward Winterton
only son of
Charles Edward and Emma Anne
Born 7th September 1878.
Died 9th January 1946.

It is not yet known exactly when the Lamberts’ tenancy of Effingham House came to its end, nor whether any of the family lived there after Emma’s death. Certainly their presence in Effingham did not end at this point, as Nina is known to have occupied Yew Tree House during the period 1935-39 whilst also maintaining a sumptuous property in Kensington; in 1936 she became the Hon. Treasurer of the Committee established in Effingham from which eventually emerged some of the “Playing Fields Trustees” (including Barnes Wallis) to whom 31 acres of land were sold by the executors of Mrs. Dolores Pauling (formerly of The Lodge) shortly after the latter’s death in 1938, this being the land now constituting the King George V Playing Fields.

The Children of Charles Edward Lambert

Hilda Emma Charlotte Lambert was born on February 25th 1870. She married her cousin Maxwell Rose (below) in 1902 [GRO Ref: Dorking 2a 281, 1902 (Q2)]. In the 1901 Census he had been visiting a retired Lt. Col. Henry S. Daniell at 4, Lothair Villas in Hatfield, Herts, giving his occupation as an oil refiner and his birthplace as Tooting. Her father’s death in 1910 must have occurred on her 40th birthday. She died on January 21st 1922 [GRO Ref: Guildford 2a 155, 1922 (Q1)] and was buried with her parents at St. Lawrence.


Louisa Lambert was born on July 2nd 1871. She was known by her sisters as “Looloo”. She married John Henry Pease (below) at Effingham on October 21st 1905 [GRO Ref: Dorking 2a 369, 1905 (Q4)]. He was educated at Edinburgh University and at King’s College, Cambridge. They lived at Carlbury Hall, Piercebridge, Darlington, where their children were born. He died on February 19th 1939 and was buried at Broadwindsor. She died exactly 20 years later, on February 19th 1959 [GRO Ref: Wandsworth 5d 1175, 1959 (Q1)].


Nina Lambert was born in 1873. She married James Alexander H. MacNair in 1905 [GRO Ref: St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 680, 1905 (Q1)]. He was born in Auchtermuchty, Fife. The 1881 Census finds him in his parental home at 3, St. John Street in Edinburgh Canongate and occupied as an apprentice chartered accountant. His father James was the Minister of Canongate parish. He died in 1931 [GRO Ref: Brighton 2b 280, 1931 (Q2)] and Nina died in 1951 [GRO Ref: Gosport 6b 448, 1951 (Q1)]. She had no children.


Jessie Evelyn Lambert was born in 1874. She was registered at birth as simply “Jessie” but later took on a second forename “Evelyn”. She married Andrew Carmichael Arbuthnot on June 19th 1911 [GRO Ref: Dorking 2a 357, 1911 (Q2)]. He was born on August 6th 1877 and was educated at Charterhouse.  They produced two children, Evelyn Helen Anne and Ursula Bridget. Like her sister Nina, Jessie died in the first quarter of 1951 [GRO Ref: Chelsea 5c 475, 1951 (Q1)]. Andrew died on July 1st 1953.


Annie Grace Lambert was born in 1876. She was registered at birth as simply “Annie” but later took on a second forename “Grace”. In the Lambert Album 1 she is sometimes referred to as “Gracie”. She married Harold Denison Arbuthnot, the brother of her sister Jessie’s husband Andrew, on April 28th 1898. Harold was born on September 15th 1868 and was educated at Eton. They produced three children, Clive Denison, David Denison and Thelma Grace. Harold died on January 5th 1944 and Annie died on May 10th 1956 [GRO Ref: Westminster 5c 349, 1956 (Q2)].


Elsa Adria Lambert was born in 1877 and registered only as “female”. She was known variously as “Elsa Adria” or “Adria Elsa”. She married a divorcée (Philip) Aubrey Price in 1912 [GRO Ref; Strand 1b 760, 1912 (Q1)]. For many years they lived at “Warrens Gorse” (a house built for Aubrey) at Daglingworth in the Cotswolds. Aubrey died in November 30th 1934. She died in Scotland on September 20th 1945 at Brae Lodge in Ardeonaig, Killin, Perthshire.

Charles Edward Winterton Lambert was born on September 7th 1878. Whereas the above photographs of his sisters are certain in their identification, the photograph on the left, presumed to be of Charles, is not wholly proven; however, from his age, features and context within the Lambert Album 1, it is highly probable to be of him. It is not known whether he married, nor whether he played any role in his father’s business. He has not been found in any (available) Census after 1891. Immigration records show that he entered Britain from abroad in 1931 on the “Empress of Australia” from New York, in 1937 on the “Indrapoera” from Indonesia and in 1938 on the “Reina Del Pacifico” from South America. In each case the ship’s manifest described him as of no occupation and gave his address as “Rusthall” in Hastings Road, Bexhill-on-Sea. He died on January 9th 1946 [GRO Ref: Battle 2b 68, 1946 (Q1)] and was buried with his parents at St. Lawrence.   

Lambert Family Album Galleries

Forty small, low-resolution scans from the Lambert Album 1 can be viewed in these two galleries.