Much valuable history of our parish exists only in the memories of those who have lived here, and as time passes it becomes ever more important to secure those memories for posterity. To this end, Effingham Local History Group is producing a series of Oral Histories, that is, recordings of people’s narratives and experiences.

Each recording is held on suitable media in the Group’s archives in the Parish Room together with a printed transcription of it. The transcription is, by definition, a faithful representation in text of what is on the recording and, ideally, should be read while listening to it.

For the sake of economy it is sometimes appropriate to present on the web only an abridged version of a transcription. In the material below we take care to distinguish between full transcriptions and abridgements.

On a selected few of the pages listed below, the audio recording is also made available.

“Old Effingham remembered” : by Laura Annie (née Cox) Essam

Growing up near Effingham Common : by Doreen Emily (née) Hemus

Life in Railway Cottages, Effingham Junction : by Michael S. Waller

Memories of Effingham Common : by Charles Edward William Crouch MBE and Jessica Elizabeth (née Harrold) Page

Hooke Farm and Effingham Common : by Ivor Mitchell Gillespie

My Life in Effingham : by Winifred Annie (née Stovell) Hall

Effingham before the War : by Anne Patricia (née) Read

Pre-War Effingham : by Margaret Mary (née Nicholls) Biles

“Memories of Effingham” : by Lena (née Keeling) Bridger

“Living in Effingham” : by Lavinia (née Bishop) Ottaway

“Remembering the Lodge” : by Mary Elizabeth Julia (née Procter) Dyer

“Railway Cottages, Effingham Junction – revised” : by Michael S. Waller

In addition to the above you may also enjoy these external oral or written histories:

Living in Effingham Junction – 1936 to 1958 : by Angela M. (née Crump) Haddrill

Our Memories of Woodlands Road : by Ronald Walter Dobbs

Parkside Memories : by Christopher Hugh Bohling

Wartime Memories : by Josephine Rona (née Kingham) West

Life in Wartime Effingham : by Margaret (née) Mitchell

“Childhood Memories of WW2 in Surrey” : by Susan E. (née Chown) Little

“Memories of WWII” : by Cynthia M. (née Roberts) Flittner