Researched and written by Christopher John Hogger and Susan Morris.

Arthur Archibald (‘Archer’) Stovell worked as a maker and repairer of shoes, boots and leather goods, including harness.
His father Thomas (II) Stovell had arrived in Effingham in the 1830s and was for many decades the village’s principal blacksmith, working in the forge in Church Street while occupying the accommodation at the adjacent Blacksmith’s Arms of which he was also the beerhouse keeper. He produced numerous children. Arthur was born at the Blacksmith’s Arms and eventually bought it, by which time it had become known as Forge House. He worked for many years in Effingham in a small hut in the Forge House garden, behind the forge. He is credited with having formed Effingham’s drum and fife band which performed on many occasions in the life of the village. He was also a skilled wood carver and produced some beautiful items still in existence today.

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