Effingham’s Village Day in 1993 took place on June 12th in excellent weather.


The event was, as usual, planned by the Village Day Committee under the Chairmanship of Gill Walker. We have the Minutes of four of their meetings about this event, held in September 1992, November 1992, May 1993 and (looking back on the event) July 1993.


We have almost no images or memorabilia of this Village Day, but the above-cited Minutes provide a fairly accurate picture of what it offered. It was opened by Richard Marks, the Mayor of Guildford, who is seen in the two pictures below. It raised at least £2500 which was donated to St. Lawrence School, Effingham Scouts, Howard Court, the Methodist Church, the KGV Hall and the Brownies/Guides.

The Mayor of Guildford on the KGV Playing Fields; at right, with Alexander (“Sandy”) Wells.