This event on Effingham Common took place on Sunday September 25th 2011 and was jointly organised by The Friends of Effingham Common, Guildford Borough Council (Adam Owen, Trees and Countryside Manager) and Effingham Parish Council (Sue Morris, Clerk). One new feature of this Commoners Day was to run a photography competition for the best pictures taken on the Common. Another was to display an authentic gypsy caravan and to provide guests with samples of freshly-cooked gypsy food.

The weather was reasonably warm and sunny and allowed all planned activities to take place.

Panoramic view of the displays and marquees.


Four documents can be viewed here showing details of the rotas of volunteers for various tasks, including the assembling and taking-town of the marquees and the manning of the ELHG stall. The plan made by Guildford Borough Council is also here.


One poster was produced to advertise the day and was very similar to the poster for the 2010 event. Again, it displays the same photographs dated “1920” that we now know to have been rather older.

The Marquees

This year there were three marquees. The largest one housed displays by ELHG and Effingham First Responders and contained arrangements for the Photography Competition.

In the medium marquee the Surrey County Council Archaeology team displayed various artefacts of interest.

The small marquee was used by GBC for several information stands.

The medium (middle) marquee.
ELHG display in the large marquee.
Surrey County Council Archaeology display.
Effingham First Responders.
GBC information point and small marquee.

Effingham Local History Group’s display

The emphasis this year of the ELHG stall was twofold: firstly, to advertise the group’s first publication, the newly-printed book Effingham Common; secondly, to advertise the group’s forthcoming Effingham in Wartime exhibition scheduled for October 2011. Use the buttons to see the advertisements.

ELHG members Chris Hogger and Martin Smith (seated)
ELHG members Jessica Page and Bryan Sherwood


The gallery below offers larger pictures of the various activities taking place during the day.

Photography Competition

The competition was open to three age groups and there were three levels of prize to be one, each being an award of vouchers kindly donated by Methvens Bookshop in Cobham and Effingham Rugby Club. The rules of the competition and the decisions of the judges announced on this Commoners Day can viewed from these buttons, whilst the gallery below shows the four winning entries.