Researched and written by Christopher John Hogger

In 1938 a small group of residents purchased, on behalf of the village, the 31.5 acres known as the ‘Park’ that had belonged to the then deceased Mrs Pauling, widow of the late Mr Pauling formerly of The Lodge. Their purpose was to establish playing fields, together with a village hall, in the heart of the village, and to achieve this they had to raise the purchase price of about £4,000. Raising the money and getting through the many formalities would prove to be an arduous undertaking, with many twists and turns along the way. The narrative below, which traces events from 1933 only as far as the successful purchase in 1938, is merely an outline. ELHG hopes in due course to produce a much fuller account of the history of the playing fields.

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Supplements to the Article

Effingham Playing Fields Committee, Minutes 1936-47

The entire contents of the Minutes book can be read here, including the loose papers within it. Note that the Committee was dormant during most of the Second World War.