In the summer of 2021 we began thinking about producing a series of printed volumes in which to publish our research. Quite a lot of our work had already been printed in the several books we had published and also in our  issues of The Bulletin produced twice each year (for members only). Articles in The Bulletin are of necessity not very long, whereas the envisaged volumes would permit much more extensive studies. Another aim of the volumes was to provide a more permanent home for the material already on our website, since the durability of websites managed by small organizations is not very reliable.

After much discussion of editorial and financial considerations, we launched this ‘Studies’ project in earnest in early 2023, having embraced the following principles:
• the volumes are for reference only, not for general publication or sale;
• they are available at The Surrey History Centre, the Effingham KGV Heritage Room and the Effingham Parish Room;
• the terms of access at those venues are as determined by those venues;
• copyright of the material in the volumes is held by ELHG or by attributed third parties.
A few further copies of the volumes are retained by ELHG for its archives and the use of its members.
ELHG expresses its appreciation to Effingham Parish Council for financial assistance, through its Community Fund, towards the production of the reference copies held at the three venues mentioned above.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board for the series currently consists of the four ELHG members

• Christopher John Hogger
• Susan Morris
• Jeremy Palmer
• Bryan Sherwood

Articles for the series are welcomed from non-members of ELHG, in consultation with the Editors.

Editors’ Pages

These pages are restricted to the Editors only


Contents of Volumes


1.  The Curtis Dairy Farmers of Home Farm
2.  Effingham Post Offices
3.  The Church Street Stores
4.  The Milestone
5.  John Adolph Sargrove – Innovator in Automation
6.  Effingham Methodist Church
7.  The Effingham Census of 1901
8.  Seven Souls in Search of Sanctuary in 1937
9.  The Creation of Effingham Manor Golf Club
10. The Old Village Hall