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Effingham Village Sports Days
1945 - 1960

The King George V Playing Fields were acquired for Effingham in late 1938.  World War II intervened very soon after that and little could be done by way of holding community events there until after 1945.  This item is about the fifteen years or so of sports days which then ensued.

It is worth noticing that in those days adults generally were used to much higher levels of regular exercise, and were much fitter and hardier, than now.  That being so, sports, races, matches, competitions and dancing for all ages were popular ingredients of village events.  At Effingham’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration in 1901 for instance there had been sports, prizes and dancing.  At the 1919 Peace Celebration amongst other challenges there had been a Stoolball Match for Ladies v. Gentlemen – see the excerpt from the Programme (right).  In the 1935 Jubilee Celebration, one event had been ‘Married Couples trotting in double harness’!

ELHG has in its collection a Programme for the ’10th’ Village Sports Day which was held in July 1956.  It seems reasonable that the first one was held in 1946.