Welcome to our online exhibition presenting lots of new and fascinating material about people and places in Effingham in the interwar years.


It is very simple – just a series of topics listed  in the TOPICS GALLERY.
You can visit them in any order.

For each one, just click its button to open its entry page.
This offers a main presentation and, in many cases, additional snippets.

The main presentations are mostly slideshows with audio narration,
but a few are standard web pages. Many describe the artistes who brought here a colourful new dimension – the ‘bright young things’ of Effingham. Others describe how the physical fabric of the village – its infrastructure, new development spaces and ‘big houses’ – rapidly evolved, in tandem with this influx of incomers. This era, nearly a century ago, marked a major step change in the village, and we hope you will thoroughly enjoy reading about it.


Presentations are ascribed to the individual ELHG members who have done the body of the research and assembled the items, but they would not have been possible without the knowledge, help and research contributions of many ELHG members down the years.

Effingham Local History Group gratefully acknowledges that this Exhibition was assisted by financial support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

“All Sorts of Peculiar Things” was presented as part of Heritage Open Days 2020.

Effingham Local History Group also expresses its gratitude for the help and support it has received from Behind the Lines theatre company. This Exhibition is closely linked with the Behind the Lines project, “Connecting Communities With Hidden Lesbian Stories”, adapting its ambition to celebrate the remarkable lives of Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney to the task of uncovering their forgotten contemporaries who lived in Effingham, as well as the profound changes to the village during this period.