This page provides some pointers to selected records for Effingham held on the website of Historic England.

Historic England evolved from the body set up in 1984 with the title English Heritage, retaining that title until 1 April 2015. Thereafter, the responsibility for the practical care of protected buildings and locations was assigned to a new charity English Heritage Trust, whilst the responsibility for maintaining the associated documentary and photographic archives, as well as continuing research and publication, was placed in the newly-titled Historic England.

Historic England Main Page

Top-Level Search

Link for Historic England’s top-level search page:

The link generates this interface –>

On the main page there is a button Search the Site in the top-right corner which on clicking brings into view the Search field seen here in the centre of the interface.

Entering ‘Effingham’ and executing the search brings up just 20 results together with an ostensible option to view 50 or 100 results. However, the option to see more results never works, no matter what one’s choice of search term – 20 results is all that one can ever find from this interface.

Even worse, if one selects and views any one of those results, it is not possible to return directly to the 20 search results to view another one: any attempt to do so brings one back to the search interface shown here, so that one has to execute the search all over again.

In conclusion, this is not a very helpful interface.

Images and Books

The main page’s menu has an Images & Books link which on clicking brings into view the interface shown here –>

Here on the left-hand side are further links such as find Photos and The Historic England Archive.

The find Photos link brings up a page containing a search field. Choosing ‘Effingham, Surrey’ as the search term returns 73 results.

The Historic England Archive link brings up a page offering several further links including one for Archive Collections.

Archive Collections

Link for the Historic England Archive page:

The Archive Collections link is this –>

Clicking it brings up a page offering various further links, for instance Plans, Drawings and Documents; Aerial Photos; Photographs; and others.

The Photographs link produces only the same results as the earlier find Photos link. The value of Archive Collections is that it provides the route to finding documents, although these are not well described in the results pages; many holdings of Historic England have not been fully catalogued.

England’s Places

Link for the find Photos page:

The page invoked by the earlier find Photos link offers not only a search field but also links to several other resources.

One of these looks like this –>

This is the link to England’s Places, formerly known as the Architectural Red Box Collection. The link invokes another page offering a search field. Entering ‘Effingham’ as the search term here leads, after a few further steps of drilling-down, to a small collection of 10 cards bearing mounted photographs and sketches of Effingham.