Here you can find useful references to literature (other than that produced by ELHG) about the history of Effingham.


The History of Effingham in Surrey was compiled by Monica Mercy O’Connor (1904-82) and published by the Effingham Women’s Institute in 1973.

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Effingham Parish Council was founded in 1894. In 1994 the Centenary Edition of A Reference Book for Effingham was produced in a smart green and gold folder. A copy is held in the Parish Room. Forty pages long, it first describes the origins of Effingham and the formation of the first Parish Council. A street-by-street account is then given of the village and its environment since 1945. This is followed by individual accounts of the village’s churches, schools and other bodies.

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The Effingham Armada Victory Celebration, edited by Arthur A. Brown, was published by Antony D. Page in 1988.

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Effingham – A Surrey Village Remembered was published by Mary and Simon Rice-Oxley in 2006.


Some Account of the History of Effingham North Common : With Special Reference to its Natural History was written by Bryan R. Sherwood and printed by The Blissett Group, London in 2011; it updates an unpublished first edition in 2008. Besides its historical material it contains detailed description of the Common’s ecology. A copy is deposited in the History Group Archives in the Effingham Parish Room.


Some Account of the Inscriptions and Memorials at Saint Lawrence Church Effingham was compiled by Bryan R. Sherwood and printed on behalf of St. Lawrence Church by The Blissett Group, London in 2017. It presents a detailed account of the visible inscriptions and memorials with photographs of them all. It also correlates these with a churchyard plan and list of inscriptions that had been made in 1929.


The Inns and Public Houses of Leatherhead and District by Goff Powell was published by the Leatherhead and District Local History Society in 2006.


The Chronicles of a Contractor by George Craig Saunders Pauling was first published in 1926. He had lived at The Lodge in Effingham until his death in 1919. The book was republished, with additional photographs and other material, by the Books of Rhodesia Publishing Company in 1969.


Barnes Wallis Dambuster by Peter Pugh was published by Icon Books UK in 2005.


Enemy Coast Ahead by Guy Gibson was published by Crecy Publishing Ltd. in 2003. From p.225 it contains narrative about Barnes Neville Wallis, referring to him by the pseudonym “Jeff”.


Mathematics with Love by Mary Stopes-Roe, daughter of Barnes Neville Wallis, presents the courtship correspondence of her parents and was published by Macmillan in 2005.


Sir Barnes Wallis CBE, FRS, RDI, FRAeS, 1887-1979 : Some Personal Reflections by Norman William Boorer, published by the Brooklands Museum Trust Ltd. in 2008.


Sir Barnes Wallis (1887-1979) A Commemoration of his Life and Career by Vivien White, published by the Effingham Residents Association in 2019.